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Primary Schools – Shoreham

Client: Kier for West Sussex County Council
Duration: 5 Months
Value: £450k

Known for our specialist capacity and ability to work in environments that require consideration and respect for the safety of others, we won the contract for both schools. With the rapid growth of pupil numbers, both schools needed working spaces and additional areas to accommodate the exponential rise in numbers through refurbishment and adapting what already existed.

The contract

Hawes Building

Both schools’ pupil numbers have grown considerably as the years have gone by and the need to create more space and to ensure the schools’ formation fitted with regulatory standards were key aspects of our role within these two projects.

As with many schools the budgets are tight and much like these two it was a case of creating what was desperately needed without a compromise on quality, and whilst adhering to strict timescales.

We took their needs and budget and knew we could work within their set parameters to give them a new look that fitted within standard guidelines, but also that gave them a facelift which felt like a breath of fresh air that everyone could benefit from.

Our delivery

Refurbishment At St Nicolas & St Mary’s CE Primary School

The main hall had stayed the same size whilst the number of children coming into it had rapidly grown. Making lunchtimes challenging, whole school assemblies impossible and PE sessions cramped.

This was the biggest part of our project here, which included extending the school assembly hall with new curtain walling and then, running adjacent to the hall, we formed a fire rated corridor.

Not only that but we created an additional learning resources/music room with transparent floor-to-ceiling timber framed acoustic screens, where a whole class could be taught with instruments in a sound-proofed space.

We upgraded to include new child friendly toilets with IPS (integral plumbing systems) and cubicle systems offering a flush and smart look whilst easily accessible.

In two of the classrooms we added much needed washing spaces for items such as paint brushes etc, by installing kitchenettes, therefore making life easier and less time consuming for teaching assistants and children alike.

Alongside the refurbishment was the fitting of classroom flooring and internal doors with the finishing touches of decorating throughout to offer a fresh and revived look to the school. The results were clear to see and offered the school what they needed most – ready and easy to use space.

Hawes Building

Refurbishment At Buckingham Park CE Primary School

With the second school it was a slightly different refurbishment, looking at offering an updated and modernised look but also ensuring that internal and external doors throughout adhered to the current safety and regulatory requirements.

In order to run two projects at the same time, we decided for delivery purposes that storing materials at one school, and walking it a short distance across the field to the other would work well for our trades people on site and be less disruptive for access too.

We first started in the lobby area which meant the removal of the porch and a whole new one being reinstalled. This formed a new lobby area with automated entrance doors plus fire doors to adjacent offices, and made an instant difference to the look and ease of use of the Buckingham Park entrance.

In order to give the building the feel of an upgrade and brand-new look we reworked key areas and boosted rooms with suspended ceilings, erected drylined stud walls and formed whole new spaces that offered immediate storage and cupboard space.

The devil is always in the detail and on top of the obvious additional changes we made, by adding in brand new IPS and cubicle systems, we even removed staples from all of the painted notice boards so that they could be redecorated and add to the uplift on a tight budget.

It makes us immensely proud to have given the staff, the pupils and all at St Nicolas & St Mary’s and Buckingham Park CE Primary Schools a renovation that will improve their environment, the way they use the space and how they feel whilst in it.

“Performed very well on both schools and will use again.”

Gavin H | Senior Quantity Surveyor | Kier Construction Services

Benefits and Specialisms

Safety first: DBS checks and how we work on sites…
Working safety practices are front of mind for us and we know that when working in schools close to the vicinity of children that our whole workforce has to be DBS checked, and so we have a live system which is always updated and comes under the umbrella of West Sussex County Council.

We knew that noise levels would mean working out of hours and that any movement during the school day where there were children present was paramount to every decision we made.

Specialisms and why drylining…
As specialists and a one stop shop we were also able to carry out builder’s work including the removal of screed, and the formation of ducts for services in floor slabs with an element of diamond drilling for service holes on both sites.

We chose drylining because it is a quick building method that offers immediate space but that also enabled Buckingham Park to have a layout with vital storage facilities.

Working with curveballs and logistics with materials…
Being innovative and always planning to keep our projects moving is just how we like to manage our sites to ensure we finish within the given time frames.

We know that not every eventuality can be planned for but we have the years of expertise to manage our projects to allow for any contingencies that we may need to make.

For instance, facilitating talks with nominated suppliers, on a job like this, where we had to manage the flow of resources to avoid possible delays.

This meant our trades people on site could still continue to work with part of the materials to finish the bulk of key elements such as finishing walls, mechanical elements and flooring – leaving only the purely cosmetic items being the last to be done.

Logistically of course we needed to ensure we had timed deliveries and access to materials when required. We therefore planned to store items on one site and then walk the materials from one field at St Nicholas and St Mary’s to the next where Buckingham Park school sat.

Listening and transformations…
Listening to the needs of clients like these two schools and every other business we work with is of the utmost importance to us. Leading to transformations that these schools and their pupils could benefit from straight away.

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Project Management

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