Concrete Diamond Drilling & Cutting

Concrete Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is the most efficient method of forming holes through concrete, block and brickwork, natural stone and a multitude of other building materials and it can be used to penetrate any thickness of wall or floor.

Concrete Diamond Cutting & Sawing

Concrete diamond cutting is used on hard, flat surfaces such as walls, floors, roads and pavements. Our advanced technology concrete diamond sawing equipment is versatile enough to allow us to cut through any thickness of reinforced concrete precisely and to any dimension and shape.

Diamond Floor Sawing

Floor saws are either diesel or electrically powered machines which can cut depths of up to 600mm. They are self propelled and require an operator to walk behind it to determine speed and depth of cutting.

Diamond Wall (Track) Sawing

This method of cutting is used in concrete and on inclined surfaces. It involves a track which is attached to a surface and then the saw blade is guided by the track to form an opening in the concrete, for either a window or door perhaps.

Hand Held sawing

We use a variety of hand held sawing devices. These are usually used to form openings in brick or block work but can be used for concrete as well.

Wall & Floor Chasing

Chasing is a technique used to form recesses in brick or block work to allow space for services i.e. electrical and mechanical trades. This then allows them to be concealed once plastering is completed.

Hawes Building | Residential & Commercial Building
Hawes Building | Residential & Commercial Building

Concrete Bursting

This method is used for cracking deep sections of concrete. It eliminates the use of normal breaking techniques which can be time consuming and hard work.

Concrete Crunching

This method is employed when vibration and noise needs to be kept to a minimum. These concrete crushers can crush concrete up to 300mm thick in virtual silence.

Robotic Demolition

These machines have revolutionized how small demolition work can be carried out. They are track mounted and very versatile and can be moved around a site through doorways, moved floor to floor by lift or they can climb stairs!

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Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling

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Diamond Cutting

Diamond Cutting

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