Labourer to Manager – Cultivating Careers at Hawes

Since joining Hawes in a site labouring role, Cameron Clarke has moved into a trainee management position and begun completing his construction management courses to compliment his progression.

As 2018 draws to a close, Cameron takes a moment to reflect and talk about his journey and the support he has been receiving from Hawes Building;

What or who inspired you to get into construction?

“It was mainly just the challenge and knowledge I could gain from being part of such a demanding industry. The way the industry is developing with new technology just shows that it’s good for future generations like myself and younger people to follow into.”

What new skills have you learned since being at Hawes?

“Generally I have learnt loads! Specifically, I have learnt a lot more in the health and safety department, especially going on the relevant courses such as my supervisor course etc. It has enabled me to gain more knowledge on how important it is to have certain things in place like method statements and risk assessments. I have also learnt a lot from staff in the office, dealing with tenders and fully analysing drawings, and I’m always learning different terminology, which is very helpful when looking through a specification.”

How have you found the transition from site to management?

“The transition for me really hasn’t hit me that much, due to the fact I use to work as a manager for my dad and helping him run his company for a while. So, I’m used to managing and organising myself very well.”

What are your personal long-term career goals?

“Working as an Assistant Site Manger and then a Site Manager within 5 years. Then maybe following into a higher role such as Contracts Manager, but we’ll see.”

What new directions/sectors would you like to see Hawes develop into?

“Working more on new build development, for now as a sub-contractor. It would be good to see Hawes progress into more main contractor work.”

What would you say to encourage more young people to consider a career in construction?

“Don’t feel like you haven’t got the correct qualifications to get into the industry or think it’s too late because I didn’t, I just used my confidence, social skills and working experience to get into this, and if you find the right company like I have then they will guide you to get your qualifications.”

“Also, really put yourself out there more than others, it is hard applying for apprenticeships and trainee roles because you’re all such a similar standard, so do your homework before applying or attending an interview.”

What is your favourite thing about your job?

“My job does vary with what I do, so I can learn a lot with what goes on in pre-construction and construction phases. Being part of the bigger picture and seeing a job complete is my favourite part.”

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